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Hao Bai

I am a multidisciplinary designer in lighting, sound, and video projection for live and virtual performances. 


I create design elements that open up our senses to possibilities

        - of seeing the world/bodies differently, hearing the world/voices differently

                                                 to find ways of understanding the world/humanity more deeply.  


I care for the complex connectivity of how design elements 

                      breathe together 

                                                and enter into our senses,  

                                                                                                             and enjoy experimenting in

                                                                                            how we take in information;

                                                                                from how visuals can provoke what you hear 


                                                                                    how sounds can give rise to what you see. 


I explore       what can and cannot be seen

                     what can and cannot be heard 

                      what is or is not on stage                        in relation to our mundane daily lives. 


I aim to make work that is simultaneously visceral and vulnerable, creating intimate and moving experiences that connect the artist and their audience. 


I build healing communities, through working intensively with LGBTQ and BIPOC artists in New York and internationally. 



Hao, a multidisciplinary designer in lighting, sound, and video projection for live and virtual performances. Hao works with groundbreaking and innovative artists including Charlotte Braithwaite, Abigail DeVille, Mei Ann Teo, Ping Chong Company, The Talking Band, Mabou Mines, The Wooster Group, The Builders Association, The Hawtplates (Justin Hicks), Pioneers Go East Collective, Loco7, Nia Witherspoon, and New Stage Theatre, etc. Hao’s work has been seen internationally at Asia Culture Center (South Korea), WuZhen Festival (China), in the states at CAC (Cincinnati), Stanford, Jone Hall (Houston), and in New York at The Public Theatre, NYU Skirball, BAAD!, La MaMa, JACK, Bushwick Starr, Performance Space New York, New Stage Theatre, 59E59, A.R.T/New York Theatres, 14 Street Y, Stella Adler, The Performing Garage, The Gallery Players, The Tank, etc.


Virtual: Final Boarding Call (by Mei Ann Teo, @Ma-Yi Theater+WP Theater); Nocturne in 1200s (Ping Chong). Lighting: Waterboy and the Mighty World (by The Hawtplates/Justin Hicks, @ Bushwick Starr & The Public Theatre); Go Forth (by Kaneza Schaal, @ Stanford Live, CA); Shasta Geaux Pop (by Charlotte Brathwaite, @ CAC, Cincinnati); Elements of OZ (by The Builders Association, @ Skirball); YNCAST (by Stacey Robinson, @ JACK). Projection: Electronic City (by Ildiko Nemeth, @ NewStageTheatre); Eternal Now (by White Wave Dance Company, @ACC, South Korea); Animal Magnetism (by Mabou Mines, @ WuZhen Festival, China); CowboysCowgirls (by Pioneers Go East Collective, @ JACK), Virgo Star (by PGEC, @ LaMama). Sound: DonQuixote Takes New York (by Loco7, @ LaMama); The Violin (59E59); Gemini Stars (PGEC, @ LaMama). Projection/Sound: American Mill #2 (@A.R.T/New York Theatres).

Hao created and curated DesignFest, a festival that holds space for designers in the time of pandemic. She works with seniors to create puppet theatre performances. She is the resident visual audio designer at La Mama and has won the 2019 IT Award in Outstanding Innovative Design.

RESUME (Coming soon)

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