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LaMama DesignFest

Creator, Curator & Judge

LaMama Experimental Theatre 

Resident Audio Visual Designer at La Mama

Loco7 Theatre Company

Hao has been working with Loco7 Theatre Company since 2017 on a variatiry of Puppet Making Workshops at different senior centers. In the workshops, the seniors learn to make a puppet, learn to manipulate them to tell a story, collaboratively develop a short puppet performance piece, and perform for the public. Hao serves as the sound and video designer to help support the stories. 

Workshops/Performances History:

Puppet Making Workshop (Virtual), Sirovich Center, New York.

Check out the virtual performance here:

Puppet Making Workshop, March, Sirovich Center, New York.

Puppet Making Workshop, June,  Manny Cantor Center, New York.  
Puppet Making Workshop, June,  Henry Street Settlement, New York.

Puppet Making Workshop, July, Sirovich Center, New York.
Puppet Making Workshop, July, United Jewish Council of the East Side, New York.

Puppet Making Workshop, Grand Street Settlement, New York.
Puppet Making Workshop (Shadow Puppets), July, Sirovich Center, New York.  
Puppet Making Workshop (Rooster#2), June, United Jewish Council of the East Side, New York.

Pioneers Go East Collective

Resident Designer at Pioneer Go East Collective, working on LGBTQ performances

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