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@ Time Space Limited (Hundson NY)

@ Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

@ The LGBT Center (NY)

@ The Tank

@ Tour Buddies in Bad Time (Toronto)

Featuring performance artists & choreographers: Daniel Diaz and Beth Graczyk. 

Music by Marisa Tornello

Cowboy/Cowgirls: Fleur Voorn, Mike Cotayo & Mac Smith

Guest appearance by drag performance artist and activist Agosto Machado who shares experiences about Stonewall, Sylvia Rivera and The Gay Liberation Movement. 

Writer & Director: Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte

Poetry by Laura-Marie Marciano

Lighting/Environment Design by Philip Treviño

Cinematographer: Jon Burklund, Zoie Omega 

Tent Design by Mark Tambella

Sound by Brendan Reilly

Sound & Video Projection Design by Hao Bai 

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